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  5. Woohoo! All gold!


Woohoo! All gold!

I'm super happy, my German tree is complete and every skill is gold! I feel pretty proud of myself, now to keep it gold while I work on my Norsk tree.

What's your next goal?

May 3, 2017



Herzlichen Glückwünsch! Was für eine gute Leistung! Du solltest sehr stolz auf dich sein :)

Das habe ich zuerst letztes Jahr erledigt, glaube ich, und seitdem habe ich mir sowohl Fernsehserien und Filme angeschaut (auf Deutsch natürlich) als auch an Memrise, Anki und natürlich Duolingo gearbeitet. Ich hab auch etliche Bücher an deutsche Grammatik und sowas gelesen. Die alle haben mir viel geholfen.

Mein nächstes Ziel ist jede Folge Stromberg anzusehen (ich befinde mich gerade an der zweiten Staffel davon) und jedes schwierige Wort von Duolingo, von denen ich Screenshots aufgenommen habe, in Anki hinzufügen.


Ich kenne Stromberg nicht. Ich habe es auf Netflix gesucht aber ich habe es nicht gefunden. Hast du andere Vorschläge für Fernsehserien oder Filme?


Jetzt, wo du es sagst :P habe ich exakt eine Woche nach diesem Kommentar einen anderen geschrieben, der für deine Frage perfekt geeignet ist! :P

Viel Spaß! :D


YEAH! Good Job!!!


Nice profile :)




Congratulations! That is really great! I finished my German tree at the beginning of the year and then took few months off of Duolingo for some reason and now I'm trying to get them all back to gold while wondering which language to start next. I've completed few sections of Spanish, Italian and Swedish. I also thought about trying the Norsk tree, but my next goal will probably be to complete the Spanish tree and keep that and German tree golden.


I really love how Norsk sounds but it can get kind of confusing. It's also a very long tree but I am looking forward to completing it.I was almost done my german tree last year but took time away from it and boy did I regret that... it felt like it took forever to get them all gold again. I'm going to try to keep Norsk gold or mostly gold the whole time. Good luck with the spanish tree.


Congrats! It's even more impressive because the German tree (I just started) is one of the longest trees I've seen on Duolingo. Keep up the great work!


Congratulations!! Well done


Great job! Are you done with your Norsk tree yet?


No not quite I'm not even half way on my Norsk tree it's really long. I'm going to focus more on it now that I am done my german


I'm pushing through to the end of my German tree as well. But, oh boy! It's not easy with all the discs changing color every day! But, I do feel like they change at an appropriate rate. I guess that's just the nature of learning something well enough to use it! Anyway, Congratulations on your accomplishment!

My next goal is to start reading literature in German and to keep working on keeping everything gold in my tree!


Congratulations darling That is a great accomplishment, I hope I someday I can post a similar discussion pronouncing my victort I had two question tought that I would really appreciate if you could answer me. 1: How long did it take you to complete the tree and did you get help from other cources like self-study books??? 2: Do you feel confidence to watch a German movie or talk to a native?


I took a break here and there so it did take me longer than average. I do use DW on the side but find it super boring personally. As for comfort level, I have watched a few movies in German and can understand a lot of it, I frequently listen to music in German (grew up listening to it and honestly coolest feeling in the world when I actually started understanding the lyrics rather than needing my dad), and I am working on reading Harry Potter in German currently to improve. Speaking to a native depends, my dad is a native German and moved here in his teens however he has zero patience for people just learning German so no I wouldn't talk to him in German as I feel I need more practise to be really comfortable, however I have a few friends that are native Germans who are very patient with me and we converse in German when we can to help me improve. I think it's really a constant practise kind of thing. It is a lot of fun though, and I personally enjoyed using duolingo as a tool to help learn some of the words.


Wow! Good job!

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