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Inappropriate Friend request/follower for child but can't block?

Hi My child is being followed by and has an request to friend that is inappropriate. I have looked into blocking but can't find the option to block mentioned under how to block. Do I have to follow them to get to their profile to then be able to block them? Sorry we are new.

I don't think this is appropriate:


Miss Lisa HotTeacher

Hi, I am a language teacher. New method of teaching. Free lessons. Only 18+. Interested? Welcome: http://adultlove.me/misslisa

May 3, 2017



Report to abuse@duolingo.com


Hey Sahsa! Don't worry - if someone is following your son, he doesn't have to follow that person back. They only suggest that he should follow that person - he by no means has to. You can block them by clicking a little settings button in the top right corner of their profile.


This user has been reported about several times. I am sure the Duolingo staff will take care of the situation.


I clicked on the link and there isn't even a profile. I was going to tell you to click on the gear icon on the person's profile and then click Block, but all it has is a notice which is inappropriate and asks you to click Yes or No.

There is no way to block it so the best thing is to take other commenter's advice and report it to abuse@duolingo.com

I think you can also post on moderator's stream's.

One of them is Usagiboy7. You can get there by going to www.duolingo.com/usagiboy7


Thank you, really helpful.


Check out the gear in the top right corner of her profile: it's extremely light so you may not have seen it at first. Click it then hit "block". You don't need to follow them back to block them, and you won't be rude at all if you don't. If you don't see the gear, you might not have it (I heard the newer website doesn't have it). Either way, this issue should be cleared up soon, though, because a lot of users have been noticing this user.


Definitely report to a moderator (see Susanstory's comment) because they will act quickly. Also do report to abuse@duolingo.com. This spammer/user has been reported several times, but is still around.


Go to duolingo.com/profile/(whatever the username is) and there will be a gear in the top right corner. U can block her (or him) there.


Hi Lisa! This is breadboy124 here. Sorry this is irrelivant but I am only 10. Could you be able to give me lessons. Oh andI would go to moderator at abuse@duolingo.com because that i sereious.

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