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  5. Can we expect Finnish?


Can we expect Finnish?

I was wondering if there is a Finnish course in development. I don't mean to be an idiot; I frequently look over things and not see them completely.


May 3, 2017



Not yet, but hopefully in the near future it will be


Good. I hope it will.


I used to be annoyed by finnish threads but now I upvote all of them. it's amazing that there's a team literally willing to contribute, this is Finland's 100th anniversary, etc and yet nothing!!!!!

I really want to get cracking on this language. it's so has so many rules and will be a challenge, so I'd like to start as soon as I can yeah?


You are right, in Finnish language there are a lot of rules. But it is very logic and the pronunciation is simple.A perfect language for instance when programming codes. And it is very,very beautiful.Say after me:TULE ILLALLA SILLALLE TANSSIMAAN!


unfortunately not yet

here you can find the main discussion https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3377185, if you want you can upvote it


As of right now, there is no Finnish course in development.

Really, we can expect nothing, but we can hope for anything.


Not for a very long time. You're better off buying a course like Teach Yourself or Colloquial, if you want to learn it.


From Luis's Reddit AMA a few months ago, when he was asked about Finnish he replied:

I'm not sure when Finnish will be added. I understand people are asking for it, but as you can tell from this thread there are hundreds of other requests.


On another note, anyone know any other places that I can learn Finnish?


For an April Fool's joke last year and this year, it was posted that Finnish was in the incubator but it was an April Fool's Joke. It would be a really neat joke if Duolingo would really put Finnish in the incubator on April 1, 2018. Then someone would post "Finnish is in the incubator!" and we'd think, "Another April Fool joke" but it would really be true.


That would be nice if it weren't almost a year away. Another possibility is an Independence Day surprise but even that feels so far away.

Congrats on the 600 days, btw :)


I agree. I don't want to wait a year, but, maybe it will come sooner. \

Congrats on 600 days, too!

[deactivated user]

    Yes, one day.


    It might come soon in the future of Duolingo.


    We can't expect it any time soon but realistically it will probably eventually be added to Duolingo as long as people apply to be contributors (Which I assume people are doing)


    Ok. I will be on the lookout for Finnish in the next few years.



    There is one that will be out next year I think.

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