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Is there a way to get rid of spammers?

Does there seem to be more people than usual posting about nonsense? Is there a way to get rid of them?

May 3, 2017



Downvote their posts and block them.


Ignore them. If they continue to spam and won't stop, report them to abuse@duolingo.com


Downvote their posts.

And here is a post about the community guidelines for spam


I never get targeted by spammers, but many times people will downvote my good discussions. Also, people who start a XP contest will often be very slow in giving the winners' lingots if not at all!


report them and they will be out of the program.


dont you think that is a little to harsh?


well, if they r swearing and such, then i think they should ttly be reported and removed, but other than that, for mild spamming, i do not think they should be reported and removed.


I know its so annoying!


Spammers is now a broad term.....it could also be those downvoter spammers who seek to delete all good and decent discussions and upvote the extremely ridiculous or even racist comments


but people hate it when some one posts a chatting thing and call it spam! i think duo should not only be for learning, but to chat with people across the glob that are learning on here, and if people do not like the chat discussions, they should just not click on them or what ever! what is the big deal? Now, people posting rude and mean ( ect ) things is not right and i think THAT should be stopped, not people trying to have fun chatting or having contests on here.


Sure you can chat, but not to write bad words, nonsense or make fun or insult others.


yes, i ttly agree!!

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