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"Chakula kisingalipikwa tusingalikula"

Translation:If the food had not been cooked, we would not have eaten

May 3, 2017



This app isnt 100% accurate & doesnt do abbreviated words. Alot of the phrases used in this lesson can be said in a shorter way by dropping the ngali & letting the tense & tone speak for itself


My lesson just shows the same 3 sentences over and over for this lesson. Is that a bug?


I like this form of Swahili more than that spat out by google translate "kama chakula ulikuwa bado kupikwa sisi bila kuwa kuliwa" but if i were to type "kisingalipikwa" into a google search I would get no results. Why is this? Is this an archaic form of the language with modern Swahilil following gramatical constructs more like English?


No, it's because kisingalipikwa is so specific. You also don't find any results for "kama chakula ulikuwa bado kupikwa", which is good, because it's incorrect Swahili - keeping in mind that you have to put phrases in quotation marks so that Google doesn't simply search for the indivisual words.

Likewise, you get no results for wasingalivila "they wouldn't have eaten them (ki-vi nouns)" even though it is correct. Agglutinative languages have so much specificity in single words that the majority of correct utterances are things you will never find written down, especially in a comparatively small online corpus.

English has a much larger corpus of writing so we have to get a little bit more obscure, and also, because English is not agglutinating, google will look for the individual words unless we put the search in quotation marks, but the fact that you won't find "they wouldn't have annihilated each other" doesn't mean this is not perfectly correct English - it just means that no one has written that exact phrase on the internet until just now as I have.

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