Ok so I'm wondering if I want to learn another launguage besides French. But I'm struggling because I don't want to get confused with french(which is top priority by the way because it's the second launguage I'm learning at school) so does anyone have advice if I should do this or not and any launguage suggestions?

May 3, 2017


I'm not an expert, but I've seen a few articles here and there saying it's okay to learn a couple languages at once, though they generally advise against trying more than two or three.

If you're worried about confusing your French, I'd try a non-Romance language. I'd expect a language with a different alphabet/writing system would have little chance of being confused with French, languages like Russian, Vietnamese, Hebrew, etc. If you'd prefer a language sharing at least some letters with English/French, I've only just started it but I hear good things about the Norwegian course. I'm also enjoying Welsh.

That said, if you want to learn another Romance language, confusion might turn out to be a non-issue.

For you though, what factors make you like a given language? Do you prefer to learn languages spoken in many places throughout the world, or do you prefer learning unusual, less widespread languages? Does any particular language/culture have personal significance for you?

Just for fun to learn about a new culture

If you live in/close to a place with a high proportion of immigrants from any one country in particular, you might consider learning that language. Higher chance of speaking face-to-face with native speakers/fellow learners, and I'd expect you'd have decent luck finding things like newspapers and used books in that language. Plus, depending on the size of the community, they might have cultural festivals or other events you could attend.

Do Spanish it is easier and it makes french easier after u learn Spanish.

I'm already doing French though. In school

i doing Spanish i want to try to do French i it fun?

Yup at least french class is

oh i may try it maybe.

i want to do spanish

it 's fun! to me you should try it.

i am doing German. You should try it

i want to try it

Swahili I think is very different from French and I don't think you'll get them confused. Its really unique and easy to grip onto new words. The pronunciation is usually really easy too. For more reasons to learn:

As long as you don't choose a language that's too similar too French it should be okay:) My suggestion is Norwegian because I think it's a very beautiful language and because the Norwegian tree is the best developed tree I've seen up to now and has lots of funny sentences in it. The norwegian pronounciation is relatively easy and the grammar isn't too complicated either.:)

That seems beautiful.... I might give it a try!

If your heart wants you to learn another language... just go for it. You can learn any language.... The skies are the only limit!

The sky isn't the limit if people have gone into space :)

Lol... You know what I mean

I know~ Just making a joke :)

...And that was a good joke... Here, have a lingot!

Thank you! :D You too!

This question gets asked a lot on these forums. The consensus seems to be that you'd learn each language slower, you might get confused sometimes, and you might find it frustrating, but if you really want to learn two languages, then why not?

It depends what you want; if you have a broad curiosity, learn two at once, but if you want to gain proficiency, learn one at a time.

Here's a list to some of the previous discussions, if you want to read more:

Spanish is easy but oyu would get confuzzled.

I don't actually find French and Spanish getting confused ever. I would recommend Spanish because your knowledge of French will actually help you rather than hinder you, and it is as widely spoken as French is, too.

Any other suggestions?

just do one, you'll get overwhelm, overtime you should definitely learn another language. It also depends on how long you've been studying French. Just remember if you truly feel you're ready to learn another language go for it, but since you're struggling, i suggest not yet.

are you good at french

I have been taking 2 years of advanced french so far

do German it is fun

Still looking for some suggestions so...

Maybe either learn a very similar language like a fellow romance language like Portuguese or Romanian. or maybe learn a very different language like Polish or Czechoslovakian.

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