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prepositions zur or ins?

Please what are the uses of the prepositions zur and ins ?? Zur uni or zur post 'and' ins kino 'but, why i cant use zur in 'zur kino' or ins in 'ins post'. I appreciate this clarification. Danke

May 3, 2017

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First, zur ins zum etc. are "compounded" prepositions. They are basically a preposition and a defined article that merged together (ins= in das, zur=zu der, zum=zu dem).

Now; the difference between zur+zum compared to ins. Ins include that you enter the location, so its something like into. Zur/zum just means that you go to that location, but you do not have to enter it.

Ich gehe zum Kino und kaufe vor dem Kino Zigaretten. Ich gehe ins Kino und schaue einen Film.

Last but not least, you can not say "zur Kino" but you can say "zum Kino" (and you can say "ins Kino"). Also you can not say "ins Post" but you can say "in die Post" or "zur Post". Try to remember the grammitcal genders of the words.

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