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  5. -(kwi)sha- as "(do you) even"?


-(kwi)sha- as "(do you) even"?

Given that the -sha-/-kwisha- verbal infix is an intensifier that underscores "done-ness", could it also be interpreted as "even" , since that seems to be our biggest intensifier for verbs in English?

Like "do you lift?" could be a neutral question, but "do you even lift bro?" emphasizes the verb to show how strongly you question their lifting ability. Or "I don't care" can be polite neutrality or genuine indifference, but "I don't even care suggests that your apathy is so intense, you're lying about it and you do care, but you don't want to admit it.

May 3, 2017

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It's not just a neutral intensifier though. It's only used with -me and it intensifies the "alreadiness", which is not surprising if you remember that it comes from "finish".

So, if you add -mesha- into a verb you'll get "Have you already lifted?"/"Have you lifted yet?"

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