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Japanese mathematical terms on Tinycards

I have started to create Tinycards decks for Japanese mathematical terms and will regularly update them. Kanji cards also contain Hiragana. Those who are unfamiliar with kana can use one of the available decks on Tinycards, for example, Hiragana Sound Mnemonics or Katakana.

May 3, 2017



This should come in handy if I ever learn Japanese. Thanks for making these!


that is so cool can u send me a link


The image above is clickable.


I love math(algebra) and Japan culture. I really want to learn Japanese soon then I can use the Tinycards! This is genius


That's really cool. Thanks for sharing!


Wow! This should come in handy once I start learning the language. Do you have any plans on doing higher maths than shown here? For example, as a physics major I've had to take calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra and I'll have to take things like differential geometry, differential topology, modern algebra and probably even real analysis, functional analysis and complex analysis in the future. It would be awesome if one day I could also learn such vocabulary on Tinycards.

... Now that I've typed all those subjects out, I've realized how unreasonable a request it seems, so sorry for mentioning it.


Yes, I have plans to add the subjects you mentioned.


I like that Field has the 体 kanji. I always wondered why English named it field considering it's called Body in almost all other languages. (Körper, Corps, Lichaam etc).


Russian uses поле ("field") for that term and uses тело ("body") for division rings.


Yessss this is great! Thanks for sharing!


It looks really useful, I study mathematics and I'm sure this will come in handy once I learn Japanese a bit better :)



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