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Should I do french 2 honors?

Hey guys so I have a huge huge problem.... so next year I have the option to do french 2 honors in high school. But all of my friends in French class are doing other languages. But my French teacher doesn't seem to care about that. When I said I wanted to do do Spanish, she said I have to do french cause Im really good at it. I don't think I'm good. But I do get the highest scores in the class and have a passion for french, but I'm always struggling with writing in french and lack confidence. I need some advice, is french 2 honors/ French 2 easy or hard? And should I do French 2 Honors or another language?

EDIT: thank you friends for all your help I'm doing French 2 Honors next year! Thank you for all your tips and advice:)

May 3, 2017



I would say just go with your gut. I mean its really up to you, if your teacher thinks you are good in french but you struggle I think you should go with your gut because your the one doing the work. I mean if you have a passion persue it, but only if you actually think you can do it. I have never taken french or know much about the language, but really just do what you think is right (:


I was in a similar but different situation: my choice was between Advanced French 2 and Pre-AP Spanish 3. Similar to you, I was top of my French 1 class and my teacher was encouraging me to continue on with French, but I placed into higher level Spanish because of past experience with the language. I eventually chose to go with Spanish. I did that because Spanish is my passion and I dreaded going to French class everyday. So, even though it made more sense for me to take French 2 followed by Spanish 3 and 4 (for high school diploma requirement reasons), I didn't want to do it because I just don't enjoy French that much. You just have to go with your gut. Worst case scenario (if you're really torn): flip a coin to decide it. While the coin is in the air, you'll realize which side you want it to land on and you should go with that!


I can't comment on the difficulty of the "French 2" course, except to say that if you are "good" at French you will probably also be "really good" at Spanish, which is similar to French and generally considered an easier language. Both are major world languages well worth learning -- you can't go wrong with either.

Reading between the lines, I get the impression that you are thinking about switching languages: (a) to be with your friends and (b) due to a lack of confidence with French writing.

Regarding (a): If having your friends in class with you is really important for your learning experience, and if you are going to less motivated in French without your friends around, then perhaps you should consider switching. That said, you can see your friends on other occasions, and you may make new friends in French 2 (who share your passion for French...tant mieux!) I tend to think that unless you are completely lost without your entourage, "following your friends" really should not be the driving factor in your decision. :-)

Regarding (b): Frankly, this is a reason to take French 2, not to switch. Your writing ability and confidence will come with practice and experience.

My impression (for what it's worth) is that if have a passion for French, then continue with French and pick up Spanish later on. The more you advance in French, the easier Spanish will be when you get to it.

Bonne chance!


Thanks everyone i decided to push myself and do French next year


Me personally, I've never taken French (I will next year though) but I've taken Spanish for 7 years (Honors, which i didn't think was anymore difficult than the normal class), and i wasn't very confident at first but now i feel much more comfortable with it.

It's really up to you, if your teacher feels that you're good in french, and you enjoy it, then i say go for it! Keep in mind though, you say that you have confidence & writing issues, remember that those skills come over time, not right away.

if you want to do Spanish, then do Spanish! Don't let someone else make your decisions for you. :)


Thanks! I might do french at school and Spanish on Duolingo


Whatever you decide to do, Good luck!


You should do duo French everyday and the reverse English from French also all summer and walk into French honors and amaze the teacher


I did this with Spanish class, she begged me to come to Heritage class (Basically I'm the only non-native kid there with my twin. Everyone else is either like Mexican, Peruvian, Guatemalan, ETC, they were all raised with Spanish.) It obviously paid off because now I can understand Spanish at a higher level, my comprehension grew too :)


Eventually, you may be able to double up on languages - if you love languages, then that might be worth it!

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