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Adding Features to Tiny Cards?

I just discovered the Tiny Cards app and am thoroughly enjoying it so far! However, I was hoping to find a place to request new features or at least find out about potential upcoming features. Since I couldn't find either, I thought I would post here. I hope that is all right as "Tiny Cards" is not one of the listed discussion topics. Please let me know if I need to move this discussion and where to move it to if so.

  1. I love that I am able to add multiple facts! Would it be possible to exclude certain "facts" from being a part of quizzes? They could be called "hints" or "trivia" instead. (I want to add information my students don't necessarily need to know which might help them understand a concept better, give a small amount of neat background information, or give them a helpful mnemonic - all things that fit on the card as "facts" but that I would rather not quiz students on.)

  2. A couple font formatting options would be nice: like bold, italics, and font size. But especially italics. I teach biology and would greatly appreciate the ability to italicize a word so that a student knows if it is the genus name without me having to clutter the card by typing out "Genus" or "Species name" every time. Changing fonts would be especially great for the "hints" (from suggestion #1 above).

  3. I would love to have the ability to create a group or series of decks and be able to lock decks in the series so that previous decks need to be completed first to unlock them.

  4. Along the same lines but from the student perspective, it would be nice to be able to create a playlist of decks. I have so many decks that I like, only having the ability to "favorite" them is not enough to keep them organized or to keep track of what I want to complete each day.

  5. I have heard of Duolingo being used in the classroom. Can a teacher track progress in Tiny Cards for their students? I realize this is a question, not a suggestion. But I would definitely give it a shot with my classes if this is/gets implemented.


May 4, 2017



I think this should probably go into the "Duolingo" category, since you're making suggestions. As for italics, have you tried pressing ctrl+i to get them, or putting things in asterisks?


The different "Duolingo" categories were specific to different languages: "Duolingo: Spanish" or something along those lines. So I would have to pick a language to put it under.

I also tried ctrl+i and a few other things. Nothing worked to display the word in italics.


I wish I could organize the stacks in a deck. So the deck is Spanish, and stacks are 5 colors, 5 fruit, 5 objects, etc


When doing exercises, 1. it would be nice to have an optional mode that shuffles all the cards in the whole deck. Right now it goes pretty much in order they are presented, which is good to start with. Also would be great to shuffle cards within a collection, though be sure to add a note on the top of each card which collection it came from. 2. when looking at someone else's deck would like to be able to see the list of cards even if it is read only (seems to only be available for my own deck). That way I can see what the deck is about without having to take the time to go through the cards.

When making decks: 1. to be able to provide two different versions of the front, and for the back. One version gets used when the side is being asked as a question, and the other one when it is the answer. Be careful that multiple choice answers do not show the same answer more than once. That could happen when answer versions of different cards are the same. 2. the stories cards have notes on the bottom that provide context. Would like to be able to add such notes to my cards.

It would be good if decks could be blessed by experts who happen to read them. Once blessed then to be frozen.

Be able to copy decks and to start new versions.

Have you thought of putting this up on github so that programmers can contribute?

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