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Question about "Health" feature

Will the "Health" feature come to the stabile (web) version of Duolingo, or is it limited to the mobile version ? Can anyone answer me definitively and authoritatively?

Thank you very much!

May 4, 2017



My only definitive answer is Luis said they need more money. Personally I hope usage drops so much compared to the nonhealth control group that duo abandons health but they are definitely going to do stuff to raise revenue. I understand that website now is testing ads which were only on app


Forget it. I think the health system is very clever, business-wise. Luis said that the main source of income is ads. What will many people do when they run out of health? Do reviews for regaining health, thereby displaying more ads! Or pay. The only thing they have to do is to balance the system, so that the negative effects caused by users leaving the service don't outweigh the revenues generated. So perhaps they will do some fine-tuning, like adding an additional health or similar measures. But if there's no massive wave of protest, I think this system will stay. Many users seem to buy the "binge learning" story, which is of course complete bs.


The health feature is NOT on the website version. The only way you can get anything with hearts is if you test out skills. The lessons do not have hearts. They only have a progress bar that goes up or down depending on how you do in the lesson.


The health system is part of an A/B test so if it is successful it will come to the web version. However no one can predict this result so you will just have to wait and see.

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