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  5. did the rules change?


did the rules change?

I can't seem to get a skill to turn gold unless I do the untimed practice. Did things change how the reviews work?

May 4, 2017



When a skill changes depends on average strength of the individual words. Try doing timed practice several times in a row. I think you are just at an average strength where one timed practice doesn't improve enough words


Marie. I can probably answer the fluency drop. Duo announced recently that they had concluded an AB test. In the test they gave group A much higher fluency scores than they normally would have. Their objective was to see if the higher scores lead to more time spent on Duo. They concluded the test after determining that the opposite was the case lower fluency resulted in more practice time. They only announced the test after the conclusion once and not to everyone who was in it. Just remember you learned more fluency scores are meaningless


Yeah, with the redesign they've made the time to answer much shorter... too short


I use a desk top computer and if I pick "skip" the clock just runs down 3 or 4 seconds to process that and I lose another couple of seconds before the new sentence comes up... didn't use to happen like that before.

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