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  5. "Weka mezani"

"Weka mezani"

Translation:Put on the table

May 4, 2017



Don't they mean "put it on the table"?
It doesn't make sense in English without a direct object, but I get the impression that it is often OK to leave it out in Swahili.


Based on these rules would i be right to say "Ninanyumbani" = "i am at home"


No. Nyumbani is not a verb so you cannot simply put verbal prefixes on it. I like your idea though. It reminds me of Turkish evdeyim (ev-de-yim = house-at-I'm).

Nina nyumba. = I have a house.

Nina viazi nyumbani. = I have potatoes at home.

Niko nyumbani. = I am at home.

To say where something is, you at the subject prefix (except that a- changes to yu-) to the syllable -pa for exact location, -ko for inexact location or -mo for internal location. -ko tends to be the most common I think.


So in Swahili you say "put it IN the table", instead of "ON"?

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