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Iona-Sky's esperanto youtube film round up. 28 April - 4 May

Usual disclaimer - what I watched and not the totality of what is available. Hope it helps you find stuff to listen to and practice your Esperanto.

Beno reemerges to counter scurrilous rumours and confirms that he has not died (phew) he merely was very busy and had little time on his hands...also he has a new microphone. https://youtu.be/8ATZjQqQG6g

Cats and people in Oklahoma do different things. Catching flies, kicking high (but with admirable control) eating and critiquing architecture - with a side trip to Washington and some rain...ok lots of rain https://youtu.be/_RevNwQMAmQ

Zibi has an esperanto spring - food, vodka, and Esperanto charades among other things https://youtu.be/xwsPmR_eq1s

Evildea goes to esperanto house in Sydney (Australia) for a lecture, pizza night, Amikumu launch combo thingy. Kiah is his usual bad influence and Chuck uses his international fame as Duolingo course leader for Esperanto and previous espersntist of the year ( and the fact he is Evildea's business partner) to get Evildea to ask the fanbase to get anyone at all in Rochester New York to sign up to Amikumu - something about a bet between Chuck and Thomas.( cheating - possibly but all is fair in the aqusition of a new poŝtelefono) https://youtu.be/v3pswlwE5Cc

Said bet from Thomas's view point https://youtu.be/lfWniH2BLhE

And from Chuck's - surely some people live in Rochester we can get to sign up. Saluton and Kiel vi fartas are enough to say you are learning Esperanto. ...bribed by Chuck, me? Perish the thought. https://youtu.be/aLw9_O31-Cg

Miroslav talks about the time he stopped using esperanto,https://youtu.be/IeO-PN_y16s

May 4, 2017

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I really like Chuck's response to my video - and how he seamlessly goes from the subject of the bet to how wonderful he thinks Amikumu is going to be. He's still going to lose the bet. The little stinker even asked for an extension. I am editing my second video on this topic (with other news) as we speak and will upload it today as soon as it's ready.

I've got several other videos filmed... and in two days I'll be headed out to meet up with Chuck in person. Surely hilarity will ensue.

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