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  5. "Τα παιδιά τους είναι αγόρια."

"Τα παιδιά τους είναι αγόρια."

Translation:Their children are boys.

May 4, 2017



So "είναι" is the same for third person singular and plural?


Can't see any difference between what I typed (except for accent marks, etc.) and the correct answer, but it was marked wrong. I typed "tα παιδιa τους εiναι αγoρια. Other answers to other challenges without the marks are marked correct, but with typos noted. Are the marks sometimes required to obtain a correct answer?


I typed "tα παιδιa τους εiναι αγoρια.

You're mixing alphabets.

The first letter t, the last letter of παιδιά, the first i of είναι, and the o of αγόρια, are Latin/Roman/"English" letters, while the rest is Greek letters.

Use only Greek letters when writing Greek.


You are correct as far as what you see in my comment above, but that's my mistake here. In the lesson it was typed correctly and the word "τουσ"was flagged. I now know that it has to do with my error of using the "σ"character rather than the terminal "ς". Thank you for your help.


Why not ' his children?


Why not ' his children?

Because that would have been τα παιδιά του and not τα παιδιά τους.


Τα παιδια δικα τους είναι αγορια. Is that also right?


Όχι. No, because this form is the strong form if the possessive pronoun. I mean that it means "their own" in this case. It should be τα δικά τους παιδιά, their own children.

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