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Accents over letters

I do not have the letters with the accents available to me so that I can type the Spanish words correctly. What to do to fix it? My friend tells me that they are in grey circles at the bottom of the page but they do not appear any where on the page on my iPad. Thanks for your help.

March 17, 2014



Hold down the letter on your iPad for the letter you need the accent on and the accented letters should pop up you then tap the right letter and you have the accents!


Thank you very much for your help. I did it and it worked. One thing I found on my iPad is that when I hold my finger on the letter and when the accented letters pop up, I have to slide my finger up to the letter and then release it. If I pick my finger up from the "a" to hit the accented "a" the accented letters disappear and I have to start over. My spelling was getting awful not using any accents. So, thank you again.

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