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"Màu của cái áo đỏ trắng."

Translation:The colors of the shirt are red and white.

May 4, 2017



In English it's much more common to say the shirt is red and white.


I would also say "color" not "colors" is more common too.


The colour of the shirt is red and white is definitely a good variation in English


I thought it's 'có' for colors rather than 'là'?


If you use 'có', it should be: Cái áo có màu đỏ và trắng. - "The shirt has red and white colors.", or more naturally "The shirt is red and white."


I see. But I'm referring to the "Tipps and Notes":

"In English, you use “to be” to describe color (the shirt is red, the dog is brown, the computer is black, etc.). In Vietnamese, we do not use “to be” but the verb “to have” - có.

Formula for this: S + có + màu + color. (Example: Con chó có màu nâu (literally, The dog has color brown)). Do not use “to be” with color!"


The formula said is equivalent to S + is + color in English. In this sentence, [color] plays the role of adjective after "to be". Therefore, you cannot use "là" here.

But this sentence uses a structure that I think both languages don't usually use: The colors of + S + are + [colors]. In this sentence, [color] plays the role of a noun after "to be". Therefore, "to be" is "là" here.


I see. But maybe that should be in the notes. Then in the lessons suddenly "là" is used without there being an explanation about that...

[deactivated user]

    The consensus seems to be that this is bad (or unnatural) Vietnamese and bad (or unnatural) English.... So much for language learning...


    I don't know if the Vietnamese is good or bad, but most English speakers will say "the shirt is red and white" and this totally gets the meaning of the Vietnamese sentence. Demanding a literal, word for word translation from Vietnamese to English does not get good results.


    Vietnamese people often write and say : Chiếc áo có màu đỏ và trắng ; chiếc áo đỏ trắng.

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