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So, I need help with learnig german. What im saying is that i would like a study buddy that knows a lot of german! Its not a lot...but i really need a partner to learn with. Also i ask for lingots because i will not be able to get on duolingo for the weekend and i can do much duolingo today, so if you can, please give me some lingots for the weekend so i can freeze my streak because i do not want to lose it, not yet.

May 4, 2017



Three days isn't worth wasting a streak freeze.


A streak freeze only works for one day anyway; if "will not be able to get on Duolingo for the weekend" means they will be off on Saturday and Sunday, they would come back on Monday to a 0-day streak even if they bought a streak freeze on Friday.


sorry no lingots but i am on level 8 in german and would be glad to help! i know I'm not to far but, i guess you can have one lingot. so just friend me and i will help!!!


Thanks, although i wont be on much longer i would like the help!


okydoky! just tell me what you need help with and i would be more than happy to help!


Sorry, but I dunno fluent German, but hey, I'm learning. HERE TO THE RESCUE!!!!!!!!!!!


Thats ok, i dont either, but we are still learning.


I am not fluent in German but I am in level 9, traying to get 10.


I could help you.


i can help you if you want

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