Level 16!

I finally made it to level 16! It seems forever since I last leveled up. :D I realize that the more skills I learn, the harder it is to remember them all (especially to keep them gold.) To me it is rather like learning music. After you learn one piece, you go on to the next, but keep practicing the last piece of music. After a while you have to be committed to practicing everything!

May 4, 2017


Yes but just like music language builds from simple to complex. Bob runs grows to My cousin Bob runs quickly to the corner.

congrats. cool!!!!!!!

Cant wait to get there. still on 6 lol

yes i agree! just like guitar or piano!

I agree. The more I learn, the easy topics become hard, but it's easier to learn new words. Good job! It takes hard work to get to level 16.

Thank you! You are right! It does take a lot of hard work. :D

Congratulations! I hope to get there someday! (in all four languages!)

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