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  5. "Noi ne dezbrăcăm sub pod!"

"Noi ne dezbrăcăm sub pod!"

Translation:We undress under the bridge!

May 4, 2017



Duo has some fun hobbies!


Whoever makes up these phrases is loco.


I don't get it: I actually undressed myself (însumi!) under a bridge before bathing in a small river because I didn't want to get naked in front of everybody, and because there was less wind, and a concrete patch to keep my clothes clean.
Why is this loco? Many situations can occur in life other then asking directions for the central station...


i dont get why people care so much whether the sentences here make sense or not, this site is for learning a language if all youre after is common phrases to say on your holiday to romania there plenty articles you can google


In English we more often say "We get undressed ..." or "We undress ourselves ..." than "We undress ..." though we would say "We strip off ..." without the "ourselves"


I disagree. To me we more often say "We get undressed ..." or "We undress ..." than "We undress ourselves ..."


Oddly enough, there were several times I saw Romanians bathing naked in the Dâmbovița near a bridge. It's not the craziest sentence I've ever heard.


În sfârșit, o propoziție care poate fi folosită în viața de zi cu zi ;-)


What is weird about this sentence?

Captain Kirk's cabin is under the bridge. That is where he undresses.

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