"Green pepper is vegetable also"

Translation:Pilipili hoho ni mboga pia

May 4, 2017



The grammar on this sentence is a little off, it should read, " Green pepper is a vegetable also"..

May 4, 2017


For me, it would have to be either

"Green pepper is a vegetable too."


"Green pepper is also a vegetable."

Having also at the end of this sentence is incorrect, at least in my dialect.

(Although,spraking of my dialect, 'green pepper' is also meaningless ... pepper is only the "slightly spicy dust", and that's never green - the juicy hollow fruit that we for some reason define as a vegetable is called a capsicum where I'm from.)

May 4, 2017


Gets called bell pepper in these parts.

May 5, 2017


I would say paprika, but then that wouldn't be proper English anymore, but Norwegian :P

August 19, 2017
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