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Assigning Tinycards to students?

Can I assign Tinycards as an assignments for my students?

May 4, 2017



Hi! otsogutxi already gave a great response—I am interested in talking to teachers who find interesting ways to assign and use Tinycards in the classroom, so please share if you get a chance! =]


Hi Vivsaurus, I'm a teacher who is trying to use tinycards with my students. Problem is that several users have decided to troll me by creating obscene usernames and then following my tinycards profile, which means I can no longer allow my students to see that profile. I've submitted an abuse report to Duolingo but have had no response at all. I desperately need a solution to this problem or I will have to lose all the work I have put into creating tinycards by deactivating my account (not to mention lose a potential great resource for my students). Please help if you can or please ask Duolingo to respond to my bug report. Many thanks in advance!


Hi Magister! I believe I saw your ticket and took care of this yesterday. This is a new issue and we are discussing ways to prevent it. For now, please submit abuse tickets with screenshots or links to the profiles — that was helpful and I believe we managed to get them. We must have gotten caught up in fixing it and ended up not responding when it was done. I'll make sure that is taken care of now, you can respond to the same email thread if this happens again!



At the moment, there is currently no way to do that. Duolingo and TinyCards have not been integrated with each other very much, but they could become more integrated in the future. You could always assign it to them yourself, but then there will be more difficulty when verifying if they have completed the assignment, as it won't show on your Educators dashboard.

Hope this helps!


I asked my students to screenshot the finished starts (boxes) with their username as a evidence of finish.

Then turn the screenshot to googls classroom.

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