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With the change to fluency ratings...

...can we get a change to the "daily goals"?

I find the "30 XP" suggested for moderate use to be off the mark. If you want to use Duolingo now and get a full gilded tree, I've found that you have to earn AT LEAST 50XP a day (20 more XP than the suggested "moderate" level goal).

On average, last week I got 30XP a day (roughly 20 mins) and managed to gild the strengths I have unlocked. This week, to do the same, it takes around 80XP a day (roughly an hour).

I think the "goals" should be changed to reflect that. I will probably update my goal level to "serious" to more accurately reflect my moderate pace.


1 year ago

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It is very unlikely that Duolingo developers will read this forum. Us contributors can do naught to change other things than the content of the course. So I advise you to contact the devs somehow.

1 year ago