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Introductory Finnish course. Free - Aalto university open learning

I know many people on here would like to learn finnish (me included) so I think this could be useful. From May 3rd at 9 am (UTC +2) to May 31st at 9 am (UTC +2) you can register to an online free indroductory finnish course held by Alto university. Here https://openlearning.aalto.fi/mod/page/view.php?id=1847 you'll find the course description and the enrollment page.

May 4, 2017



Thank you for useful information! Did you enroll already? I would like to try, but the description page does not say anything about technical requirements. I hope we don't need to install some special players and certificates?


Yes, I've enrolled yesterday, so I don't know how the course will be I don't think you'll have to install anything special though, I believe you won't need anything more than a simple flashplayer to see some videos; afre all, it's only a one-month course. If you want you can always enroll and when the course starts you see how it is an decide :)

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