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Problems with switching between courses in and from different languages?

Hi there.

I have added a second language (Esperanto from English) and lost all my work a first language (Spanish from French) and i am back to level 1 in that one.

The profile does keep adding XPs, days and lingos but I don't care about them, i don't want to start Spanish from zero again (neither do i want to do that from an English interface). I had completed all lessons and was revisiting the ones I wanted to practice. This is extremely disappointing!

Does it sound familiar? And is there anything i can do to restore my Spanish profile in French and to combine language courses from different languages ? Or is this too multilingual for Duolingo?

Thanks in advance

May 4, 2017

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Nothing is lost.
Here is the link to the explanation in the Duolingo help Center for
"How can I learn multiple languages at the same time?"


Thank you . Good to know. I have spent quite some time clicking every option in my profile but i did not manage to switch back to French.
In the menu setting i can switch the language i learn but no mention of the base language. More specific help is welcome. (in the message above my Spanish level is still 13 but in page i am now it is till 1)


Try this help page
"How do I switch my Duolingo course language?"

... and read from "If you are simply looking to add or switch to a different Duolingo course, here's how to do it:"


Thanks. I can switch between the two languages but I am stuck with the English interface.


It took me a few hours but I have found what the trick is (what a cumbersome way to switch!). I think my problem was that I had created a Spanish course from English too and that was confusing me (I see now that back in the French interface I don't see my Esperanto course at all).
Anyway thanks for telling me it should work so that I persisted and

Here are the detailed steps for anyone else with the same problem (because my pages do not look exactly the same as the snapshots on the posts in the links):

select Settings (menu under your name)

select Learning language

select See all languages

here switch the interface language by changing the sentence "I speak English"
into "I speak x" (x is the other chosen language)

then click on the language you are learning from language x


Have fun! (and again warm thanks to all who made these great introductory courses possible) v

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