"My grandmother eats cake without sugar."

Translation:Bunica mea mănâncă tort fără zahăr.

May 4, 2017

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One of the accepted solutions is "Bunica mănâncă tort fără zahăr"; it has dropped the 'mea'. Is this a particular grammatical construct, or an error?


When the context allows it, we don't need to say things like mama/bunica/matușa/etc mea as it can be implied, just like in English I believe.


While that is true in a way, without context, that sentence could also refer to your grandmother or grandmothers in general. To specify "my," therefore, it really doea appear to me that the accepted answers should require "mea."


It is a fair point. However I noticed duo tends to be more accepting as otherwise you would have lots of people complaining, especially natives doing this course.

It is safe to accept bunica instead of bunica mea. I believe however that it wouldn't be right to accept bunica mea instead of bunica as it would narrow the interpretation.


really... how many Bunica's make cakes with no sugar?

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