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Taking the AP German Exam

Hallo! I will be taking the Advanced Placement German exam tomorrow at my school. I'm excited, but incredibly nervous. Students here in the US will normally take the exam after four years of German, and I've only been taking German for three years, and my class hasn't done very much this year. I'm taking the exam because I will be graduating from high school at the beginning of June and I want to see what type of score I'll get on this test.

The test consists of a multiple choice section, writing section, and a speaking section. I'm nervous about the writing section because I have to write a persuasive essay, and I'm also nervous for the speaking section, because you have to participate in a conversation and then give a presentation on a cultural difference between Germany and the United States.

I haven't done much preparation for this exam in the past week, because I figure that I can't learn everything I need to know in four days. I'm crossing my fingers that it won't be too bad!

I'll come and update everyone tomorrow!

Vielen dank!

May 4, 2017



Good luck! AP exams can be stressful, but keep calm and don't let anything distract you. With you mentioning the persuasive essay that you have to write, I may have some advice that I learned from my French teacher (relating to the French exam, but applicable in any language exam):

-Try not to implement your own opinions into the topic. I don't know how the prompts will go, but from my knowledge you are given the options between positions (or make your own...?) and you have to persuade the reader into considering the topic. If you're given sources (I don't know if they do this with the German exam), create an essay based on what the sources say, not how you personally believe on the subject. I guess this applies to any persuasive essay, but I really liked this advice. It taught me to use sources as "support" for the an original claim, not to use my own bias as support.

Hopefully that helps, though I know little about German AP exams. Good luck again!

(Also, when you do take it you should post some memes concerning the test. People have been doing that with the AP English Literature exam. It's funny because it's like one huge inside joke that certain people will understand. Actually, don't do that. Your AP scores may get cancelled... XD)


Thank you so much for all of your advice! I took the Lit exam yesterday and my friend sent me a BuzzFeed article with memes about the test. It was hilarious!

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