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Stumbling upon tinycards...

Wow. I just now stumbled upon tiny cards, and I am blown away. This opens doors not only to language learning but the world of education. A brilliant idea on Duolingo's part. This allows Duolingo to release new and tougher languages to the English Speakers. The possibilities seem endless.

How do you guys feel about Tinycards?

May 5, 2017



I feel awesome because I just created A rogue one lego deck. Here. https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/ee9a5d5d-d8e3-4e3f-be7d-24b46256ba0b


Yeah Tinycards are the best, i love em. Now just have to wait for the decks. The interface is the thing that i like the most.

[deactivated user]

    I'm frustrated with the tiny cards. I just want to create regular flashcards with Eng on one side and Sp on the other. After spending 2 hours creating 50 cards it wouldn't let me publish because I didn't "add facts". What are facts? What if I don't want to create a "fact" for every word? Am I missing something? I can't seem to find any info on the duolingo or tinycards sites. I never get responses to my feedback. I also messaged the FB page but still haven't heard back. Please, anyone, help me! I got so excited about this feature and now I'm all deflated.


    As a general strategy: I would start with the simplest possible situation, that is adding 4 cards (which is the minimum defined by Duolingo). Then experimenting and changing until you get that correct and uploaded. Then work from there.



    Latest update: I agree at the moment with you. I created a test set (called 'Test' and 'only visible by me' for the moment) of (the minimum required) 4 cards.

    I filled in the definition and fact.

    But if I did not fill in 'add facts' it would not accept it (for uploading it). After adding a word at 'add facts' for each entry I could upload it.

    My suggested workaround would be that you click 'add facts' and add e.g. a single dummy character like a dot '.' or a dash '-' for the moment. I have tested that and that works OK and is accepted.

    Optionally you might create a new entry on this forum at 'troubleshooting' here where you report this (which appears to be a very obvious) issue. Update: But this should not be necessary, see my proposed solution below.



    I believe at the moment I found out the answer to the issue with having to 'add facts':

    Click on the grey 'gear' icon (in the left-bottom corner) at the page (https://tinycards.duolingo.com/create then '+create') and disable the option 'Enable typing questions' (the default is that it is enabled).

    Then you should be able to skip having to fill in 'add facts'.

    [deactivated user]

      Anyone having an issue with the audio on the iPhone app? It's playing on the same decks online, but when I go to the decks on my iPhone app the following msg pops up: 'There was a problem playing this audio. Please try again later.' The audio works on other similar apps, so it's got to be something with Tinycards. I'll post this on troubleshooting as well.


      Can you delete any cards decks you make??


      Yes one can delete a deck of cards, I have successfully done it with my test set.

      E.g. after deleting all cards in the set (by clicking the 'garbage can' icon in the top right one after the other) one sees an option (in red) in the 'Edit' icon to 'delete the whole deck of cards.


      I like Tiny Cards. Not only can I create custom vocabularies, but I can use then in my conlang dabbling.

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