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study habits

whats the best way to break the tree down? it looks scary...can i finish by the end of summer or should i look even beyond that ... (there's gonna be some thing that will get in my way no matter what I do)

May 5, 2017



The best way is to go at your own speed. I'm about half way through my tree and I've been on here a long time. I try and understand the material to the best of my ability before moving on.

Other people go through their tree very quickly.

Regardless of how you go through your tree, Duolingo is not enough to become fluent. You'll need to use other resources as well.


I agree, i have "learned" a few languages with duolingo. By setting the goal to 50XP a day (insane), you will spend about 3/4 year on one language tree, if you want to have all lessons golden every time. In most of the languages i am far away from fluent, but it is the perfect foundation to build on and more than enough to travel the country and be able to have basic conversations.

But you have to make it your daily habit. e.g. during morning coffee. Then you can do it in your own pace and maybe someday you will spend more time with your practice, because you simply love it :)

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