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  5. "Van egy új hörcsögünk!"

"Van egy új hörcsögünk!"

Translation:We have a new hamster!

May 5, 2017



Aagh, I keep confusing this with guinea pig!


Hamster - Hörcsög
And for tengerimalac you should know that malac means "piglet".


"Malac" makes sense, but I'm still stumped by tengeri - "piglet of the sea"?


Guinea pigs have that name composition in a couple of languages. You learn German, so you might want to know that it's "Meerschweinchen" there (Meer-Schwein-chen - Sea-pig-let), and in Russian it's likewise "морская свинка". They probably just came across the sea to Europe.

I'm more stumped by "Guinea" in the English term. Guinea is a region in Western Africa, but Guinea pigs come from America.


Thanks for the explanation - interesting to see that they're similarly named in German & Russian. I have simply never thought about why these funny little creatures are even called guinea pigs!


In Serbian it is "Hrčak". Very interesting.


That doesn't surprise me. Hungarian has gotten a lot of vocabulary from the surrounding Slavic languages. (As well as German, Turkish, French/Latin, and I don't know how many others.)

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