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"Upholding tradition is very necessary."

Translation:Việc phát huy truyền thống là rất cần thiết.

May 5, 2017



What?!? "la rat"??? I thought it is supposed to be one or the other, not both together. So what is the rule here?


"Is" (to be) means "là", "very" means "rất". "Is very" = "là rất".


I thought "là rất" was bad grammar.


It is right grammar. That is a complete sentence. Maybe, you can use the sentence without "là" that is a sentence without predicate. In this case, we should write the complete sentence when the meaning of that sentence is emphasized more.


Why Việc phát huy? Can't i write directly "Phát huy truyền thống là rất cần thiết"? When does writing Việc become necessary?


"Việc" here may be a classifier for activities or actions, but it is not necessary here. I think it is not necessary in any case.

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