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"Wir haben kein Essen, aber wenigstens haben wir Wasser."

Translation:We do not have food, but at least we have water.

March 17, 2014



Duo, ever the optimist.


An useful phrase for when you're stuck in the desert with your German friend ;)


I think sea would make more sense here than desert. :)


Well that's a fun dinner


So can we also use "zumindest" in this context? "Wir haben kein Essen, aber zumindest haben wir Wasser." Or is there some subtle difference that I will find in https://yourdailygerman.com/2014/06/17/wenigstens-mindestens-zumindest-zumindest-difference/ ? (I have not got enough time to read the whole thing right now.)


Wir haben kein Essen, aber zumindest haben wir Wasser.

Sounds reasonable to me.

It's also accepted for the English-to-German translation exercise.


How about mindestens?


"We do not have food, but we at least have water" means the same as "We do not have food, but at least we have water."



Why isn't the 2nd haben before wenigstens? Aren't dependent clauses supposed to have their verbs come first? Or does it change because of the adverb?


This clause isn't dependent. Wenigstens haben wir Wasser is a complete sentence by itself.


Why can't I use however instead of but ?


Usage rule suggests that however is closer to in spite of than but; however, many English speakers use however and but interchangeably anyway.

My immediate reaction to the example was but and when I read your question I found however a bit odd especially with the inclusion at least.


If I were to use "however", I would drop the "at least" (and probably add a "do"), but that begins to alter the meaning a little more than necessary.


I talk german myself and the translation here is weird. Yes, you can say "Jedoch haben wir Wasser" but with However/Jedoch the "wenigstens" falls away.


The male voice pronounces Essen as "Essessen". Would it be possible to set some sentences to use the female voice? As far as I remember it didn't make this mistake.


can I translate essen by meal here?


Does haben come before wir because it has to be in second position or something?


That's right.

aber doesn't count as taking up a position, so wenigstens is in the first position, then you need to have the verb haben to be in the second position and so the subject wir has to move after the verb.


Die Komma ist schuldig,darum akzeptiert nicht? We do not have food,but at least we have water.


When you use "aber" do you not move the verb to the end of the clause like with "weil" and "wenn"?


No, "aber" and "und" are coordinating conjunctions: they do not affect the word order (both clauses can stand on their own.) "Weil" "wenn" etc are subordinating conjunctions at the head of subordinate clauses.


I noticed that wenigstens and wenigsten both are German words. It seems that am wenigsten = wenigstens. So could you say "..., aber am wenigsten haben wir Wasser". Just curious.


am wenigsten haben wir Wasser would mean "what we have least of is water" -- i.e. you don't have a lot of oil and you don't have a lot of juice, but what you have least of all of is water.

So am wenigsten and wenigstens are not equivalent.


Can someone please better explain the s at the end of wenigsten?


I guess it’s some sort of adverb maker, the same as in abends “in the evening”, meistens “mostly, most of the time”, sonntags “on Sundays”, and the like.


More than one english translation possible


The placement of "at least" is flexible in English. "We all least have water" is interchangable with "at least we have water."


why not: we have no food? We would say that in English as an alternative to we do have food


why not: we have no food?

Because you did not translate the second part of the sentence ..., aber wenigstens haben wir Wasser.

Please always quote your entire answer, not just individual words. Often, if a sentence is not accepted, it's because of a problem somewhere else than you assume. Also, please copy and paste your answer into your comment; do not re-type it (which may introduce new typos or cause typos you made in the answer to Duo's question to disappear).


"...but we at least have water" should be accepted.

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"We do not have food, but we at least have water" is equally acceptable and perhaps a bit more emphatic.

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