How can you start a new language course!

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Hi I would like to learn some new languages starting from the Dutch language simply because Dutch is sometimes more convenient to start from. For example Dutch - Afrikaans, or Dutch - German. perhaps Dutch - French would also be a nice course. How do you start a poll, or an application, to start hatching a new dutch language course? Does anyone has some advice for me?

1 year ago

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Hier is de link: Er zijn op dit moment geen andere cursussen vanuit Nederlands in de incubator. Er zijn genoeg sprekers van Nederlands die graag een andere taal (naast Engels) will leren vanuit Nederlands, dus als jij een nieuwe cursus begint zou je de eerste zijn.

1 year ago

you go to add a new course and the scroll to the bottom and it will say contribute to a course and you can the see if you can start a new one or they might already be working on it. Good luck:):) Could you please follow me, thanks

1 year ago
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