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Cada Dia English - Web Meeting Discussions - ÚNASE A UNA REUNIÓN

We are doing a pilot program to see how to integrate DUOLINGO activities into a web meeting discussion. You may just listen and type comments, or we can invite you to the panel to share your activities with the group. The course is on Canvas - in June and July - Cada Dia Enlgish. It is free and fun. https://goo.gl/T6ck5s

We will discuss how to integrate Duolingo activities in this forum. Post your activities here and we will invite you to the web meeting.

====================== Estamos realizando un programa piloto para ver cómo integrar las actividades de DUOLINGO en una discusión en una reunión web. Puede simplemente escuchar y escribir comentarios, o podemos invitarlo al panel para compartir sus actividades con el grupo. El curso está en Canvas Network - en junio y julio - Cada Dia Enlgish. Es gratis y divertido. https://goo.gl/T6ck5s

Discutiremos cómo integrar las actividades de Duolingo en este foro. Publica tus actividades aquí y te invitaremos a la reunión web. Gracias MichaelPHenry

May 5, 2017



Integrating Duolingo activities in the Cada Dia English Canvas course would be a wonderful way to encourage people to practice with Duolingo every day and give them a chance to work with others and share their learnings in a CDE web meeting. It seems like a natural pairing that would benefit the participants. The social nature of both CDE and Duolingo could see both platforms growing from social networking and word of mouth. What a great idea!


Duolingo activities in Cada Dia English is a wonderful idea. Practicing every day will definitely help you grow your vocabulary and your English!!


¿Cómo aprendes inglés? Escucho canciones y películas en inglés? Practica con nosotros - EN VIVO. Utilizamos actividades de Duolingo. #CadaDiaEnglish https://business.facebook.com/events/479126492478932/

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