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We are doing a pilot program to see how to integrate DUOLINGO activities into a web meeting discussion. You may just listen and type comments, or we can invite you to the panel to share your activities with the group. The course is on Canvas - in June and July - Cada Dia Enlgish. It is free and fun.

We will discuss how to integrate Duolingo activities in this forum. Post your activities here and we will invite you to the web meeting.

====================== Estamos realizando un programa piloto para ver cómo integrar las actividades de DUOLINGO en una discusión en una reunión web. Puede simplemente escuchar y escribir comentarios, o podemos invitarlo al panel para compartir sus actividades con el grupo. El curso está en Canvas Network - en junio y julio - Cada Dia Enlgish. Es gratis y divertido.

Discutiremos cómo integrar las actividades de Duolingo en este foro. Publica tus actividades aquí y te invitaremos a la reunión web. Gracias MichaelPHenry

May 5, 2017


Integrating Duolingo activities in the Cada Dia English Canvas course would be a wonderful way to encourage people to practice with Duolingo every day and give them a chance to work with others and share their learnings in a CDE web meeting. It seems like a natural pairing that would benefit the participants. The social nature of both CDE and Duolingo could see both platforms growing from social networking and word of mouth. What a great idea!

May 5, 2017

Duolingo activities in Cada Dia English is a wonderful idea. Practicing every day will definitely help you grow your vocabulary and your English!!

May 5, 2017

¿Cómo aprendes inglés? Escucho canciones y películas en inglés? Practica con nosotros - EN VIVO. Utilizamos actividades de Duolingo. #CadaDiaEnglish

May 16, 2017
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