"Gari lingalikuja tungalikwenda Serengeti"

Translation:If a car had come, we would have gone to the Serengeti

May 5, 2017

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Gari is 'a car' or 'the car'?


Or even just "car"


I think that what it is is that Swahili has no articles. so although the literal translation is car, the translation could be "a car" or "the car" too, depending on context

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    I do not see why Duo insists on "-kwenda" here and does not allow "-enda". "Tungalienda Serengeti" sounds fine to me. In addition, I do not see why "the Serengeti" is required when translating the sentence to English, rather than just "Serengeti." Comments?


    Yeah, it should allow both tungalikwenda and tungalienda.

    "The Serengeti" is simply how we say it in English. If you look at the Wikipedia article, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serengeti, there are currently only three times it's not directly preceded by "the". One time is because it's talking about the etymology of the word, not talking about the place. One time, it's in the phrase the southern Serengeti, and the third time, it's in the name Serengeti National Park, which has no article.


    Reported again (12 January 2020). PLEASE make "-enda" and "-kwenda" acceptable or explain why they take turns being the only correct answer.


    i hate the narrator and how it still reads it out loud when I disabled it. shows how slow duolingo is to fix stuff even when it's reported


    So why can i say "... THE Serengeti, " but i can't say "... THE Ngorongoro?" 20201208


    in what context?


    Because that is the usual use of the articles in English.

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