Grammar rules?

Will the grammar rules come back at each lesson with the new website? Thanks

May 5, 2017


That information that was usually under the courses in each lesson page. Spanish had it, so did Russian. To robotically learn out by heart everything without the grammatical guidance isn't the most convenient. Thanks anyhow.

May 5, 2017

Not sure, but that would be great. It would really help alot of people!

I can't. The whole site looks like the app...

You should switch to the desktop version of the site (it's possible in mobile browser too)

I'm full time in the desktop version of it.

What are grammar rules??

A grammar rule, for example, will tell you whether an adjective (a word that describes another word) has to change depending on whether the word it's describing is masculine or feminine. Children learn this by hearing and mimicking, but knowing the rules can be a shortcut for the rest of us.

what? are they gone?

But I can still see them. At least at the skills I've passed...

Note that I use various browsers and still nothing

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