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"The color of the diplomas is red."

Translation:Culoarea diplomelor este roșu.

1 year ago



si...cum ati ajuns la concluzia ca amandoua sunt corecte??????

Culoarea este rosie. Diplomele sunt rosii. Diploma este rosie.

1 year ago

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In the sentence "Culoarea este roșu", "roșu" is a noun. It's confusing because all color nouns have the same form as the masculine adjective.

1 year ago


"roșu" might be an adjective in this sentence, right?

The shape is round. ( "round" is an adjective")

The location is remote. ("remote" is an adjective.")

The color is red. (likewise, "red" is an adjective.")

Here, "red" seems to describe a property of "color". "red" would only be a noun if the sentence was intended to say that "red" is a thing (perhaps abstract) that is equivalent to another thing, "color".

What do you think?

1 year ago