"Ați spălat podeaua?"

Translation:Did you wash the floor?

May 5, 2017

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I will use this expample just to ask: in Romanian there is no difference between "I did" and "I have done". You are "normal", correct? : ) Past is past and that's it. Like Polish. I ask becuase in this level (and beta) there is no introduction in this topic.


You wish, buddy! :) The tense introduced here is the compound perfect. It is used to show a past action considered completed at the moment of speaking. This is the tense used most frequently to express a completed past action. Example: "eu am lucrat", I (have) worked

There is also the simple perfect, which indicates a past accomplished action. This tense is not frequent in standard speech. (The general tendency is to use the compound perfect to express a past action that is perceived as completed at the moment of speaking. Simple perfect is still actively used in current speech in the south-western part of Romania, especially in Oltenia, but also in Banat and in western Muntenia, mostly in rural areas.) Example: "eu lucrai", I (have) worked.

There is also the imperfect indicative, generally used to indicate an action or a state in the past which is perceived as progressive (thus the imperfect is the tense of story-telling), continuing, repeated or habitual. Example: "eu lucram", I worked.

And then there is the pluperfect, e.g. "eu lucrasem", I had worked.

Those are the past tenses of Romanian.


Awesome; thanks!

How about something in the past which was on-going and interrupted, like "I was working when..."? Which would that be? imperfect?


A comparable answer would be " Have you washed the floor ? "

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