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Feature request: a % consistency metric

(After reading several discussions re: lost streaks, I posted this in another forum. Re-posting here as a feature request)

Has anyone floated the idea of adding a "% consistency" metric to work in conjunction w/the "streak"?

I.e., (total # days with completed progress) / (# days since joined).

It would provide an equally valuable way for folks to get encouragement. Especially if for some reason (job, accident, etc) one or two days are missed & a long streak is lost.

If I miss 2 days over the next 365, I'm still >99%, which over the long haul is notable. A 95% (an "A" in most rating systems) means I can miss ~18 days in the next year.

I have great respect for folks who have long streaks & by all means they should be highlighted.

I would appreciate it if Duolingo had a 2ndary metric which I could use to manage against my own goals.

Just a thought from a very happy new Duolingo user.

(Minor edit. "nothing" replaced with "notable".)

May 5, 2017



Makes more sense than a "streak" that is riddled with freezes.


I have zero idea why this is being downvoted, as it is a legitimate suggestion. Left an upvote. I'd like to add that your idea is excellent, my only suggestion is that you have the ability to see how you do overall, in the past year, the past six months, and in the past month.


Folks may disagree, is how the world works. I am curious why they think it's a non-starter.

Side note: If I had kids using Duolingo, I'd find this metric helpful. I could set appropriate expectations for each kid & let them learn how to manage their time to meet a goal. Your addition of "in the previous period" would be handy.


Well, the point of downvotes is to make spam/troll posts disappear, but sometimes trolls use fake accounts to downvote real posts.


A more typical suggestion has been a total days active indicator. I suppose that's more likely, really, because people like things that can always increase further (rather than being capped at 100%), although it would be intriguing to get an idea of how many streak freezes those long-streak folks have really been using ;)


I like that as well.

I have no issue with folks using streak freezes. If they keep folks engaged, I think they are great.

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