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  5. "Dușul este foarte cald."

"Dușul este foarte cald."

Translation:The shower is very warm.

May 5, 2017



That should be hot.


Maybe, Pablo, but paradixically, given it is a shower, if it us not burning you, you can say it is very warm meaning nice and warm! Very hot might imply a problem, unless you like it that way.


Ok! Really interesting! Mulțumesc.


Well, I for one agree with you, Pablo. Generally we talk of "hot" showers and drinks, at least in BrE. And in many contexts where "cald" is being translated in this course as "warm". I'd in fact say "hot".

It seems to me that there is obviously a different crossover point between "cald/fierbinte" and "warm/hot".


Very warm = little hot


The audio is a bit wrong...the word " cald" should be pronounced with a short " a" not " caaald"( people should pronounce " cald" exactly like in the audio only if the shower it's actually too hot...lol)

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