Reset tree

Is there a way to reset your tree and learned words? I want to start over bc I got the stupid bonus packs for flirting and idioms and it ruined my leaning by adding a ton of words I don't know. Now there is just way to much to figure out and it is overwhelming. DO NOT get the packs until you are done. That was a horrible mistake and I really hope I can just reset and not have to make a new acnt...

May 5, 2017


I found it! Settings > Learning Languages > Reset! =D

You can reset or remove languages here:

The bought bonus packages will still be available, you do not need to buy them again, but if you do not do them, they will not be added to your vocabulary. And you really do not have to complete that line in the tree, just proceed with the next one...

Thank you. Yes I am so glad I can reset. I should not have done those so soon. Really messed things up for me. Good to know I will not lose the bonus packages though! I was worried about that.

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