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[Bug Report] Some Skills are not strengthening from the (re-written) website

I am one of those that has been migrated to the newly re-written code (for a couple of weeks now). I notice a problem with strengthening of some skills. The word strength of some of the skills are not increasing as expected.

Here is the issue in detail:

I've specifically referring to Spanish from English course. The People skill was my weakest skill per "Skill Strength Viewer" user script ( the updated version that works with new site is here )

In the past couple of weeks in an attempt to restrengthen this skill from the web version of Duolingo has been unsuccessful. I've done countless timed, un-timed, individual unit by unit re-strengthening of this skill and despite my repeated attempts to increase the word strength of this skill, it kept declining an declining.

Obviously something is broken with the new site. To illustrate: yesterday, it was at ~26% and today it dropped to ~21%. Believe me I have done crazy amount of re-strengthening of this skill every which was possible on the web. This has been driving me nuts!!!!

Finally, it occurred to me to try to strengthen the skill from the iPhone app. I did just one strengthening on the phone and the word strength of the People skill jumped from 21% to over 34%. I can't believe how much time I wasted on the website for this Skill!

So, on the app, it is working as expected. On the new re-written site, something is broken. Duolingo engineering please fix this issue!

Again, I am referring to the word strength of the skills (basically as measured by the strength of words that make up the skill and this is exposed by Skill Strength Viewer user script. At 21% word trength level my skill is showing all golden on both the phone and the web as well. That is another curiosity regarding how Duolingo consider a skill golden when the word strength is that low.

May 6, 2017



I have similar problem in my Italian course. It looks as if Duolingo stopped counting words that I had just practiced. I discovered that words that I had just practiced are shown as practiced MONTHS ago. It's getting ridiculous because I try to strenghten skills with many weak words and it gives me nothing. Very discouraging...


I think this is a longstanding issue.


Yes, the reason that I quit using this website.


I have similar problems in my German and French from English courses. I finished German course months ago and since then I've been trying to keep skills shining in orange. Before, in one practice without timer I could have refreshed two or even three skills. After this update, I can barely refresh one skill after one practice. In my French course, I got to about 3/4 of the course. I like to move on after I strengthen all the skills, but since the update I can't keep the old skills orange. If these skills are meant to be so easily weaken, I think that's a realy bad idea, because if you try to learn something (or even generally do something in long term), a big psychological part of it has to be sense of progress. So I hope developpers will fix this issue soon.


This sounds like it might have more to do with the recent end of a large skill strength A/B test that proved unsuccessful from a learning outcomes standpoint. My skills are certainly degilding faster than they did before, and I have not been moved to the new website.


That may be probably a different problem. For the skill in question, I had the skill gold but the word strength of the skill was dropping very fast despite various refreshes. It did not strengthen word strength wise.


I am experiencing exactly the same problem with the People skill in Spanish (from English). I do not own a smartphone and cannot access the app. I guess this means that I will never be able to strengthen that skill, unless Duolingo gets around to fixing this bug. :-(


If you've redone the constituent lessons and it still hasn't strengthened, I'd definitely think that merits a bug report.


I am having the problem in French. I just got transferred to the new (and much uglier and less useful) site and am trying to strengthen a skill. But it will not strengthen. I am reporting this is a bug.


You could always install the software Bluestacks and get the DuoLingo Android app installed on that emulator on your Windows PC.



I don't have problems with my described -4 skills not strengthening, but that the DuoLingo backend does not even know that these words from those skills are learned!

Has anyone of you also problems that 3-4 verb skills are not showing up in the strength view panel / words tab in their EN-PT (or any other) course?


I have also bug reported this issue recently, reference code 1157055 "my words list is stuck"

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