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  5. "Yes, pardon me!"

"Yes, pardon me!"

Translation:Da, pardon!

May 6, 2017



You can also yes: Da, ma scuzati!


But not "Da, scuze !" ?


”Da, scuze” it's also corect!


Can you also say: "Iartă-Mă!"?


mă scuzați should be correct as well... ?


Actually it is "excsue me" in english not "pardon me"


'Pardon me' is ok too, in British English at least. It would sound more formal, perhaps more old-fashioned, than 'excuse me'.


But it's hardly ever used with that meaning in modern English. It's a question used when you haven't heard something, or don't believe what's just been said.


When would you say 'yes, pardon me'?


Only time I can think of is when you're apologising for something like "Rome is the capital of France" "Don't you mean of Italy ?" "Yes, pardon me".

Though more usually we'd say "Yes, sorry, I did" or something ...


Thank you. Sounds like I'm right in thinking that 'pardon' is not often used, or not in this context. Is it used in the sense of 'excuse me'?


No, it's not used much in UK/Ireland these days in an apologetic way, and when it is it's usually used to mean "I didn't hear, could you say it again ?". We also use "Sorry ? (I didn't hear)" or "Excuse me ?" in the same way. And we use these to mean "Can I get past you please ?"


I meant in Romanian! (Although I accept that I didn't actually specify that!)

[deactivated user]

    Obviously it might be different in Romanian but sorry and pardon and excuse can be interchangable or used in combination in English for a similar meaning. For example in burp accidentally you can excuse yourself by saying something like "pardon me", "excuse me", "sorry" or using a combination of one of the first 2 of these phrases with sorry

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