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Multiple Genders

I understand how this works: die Tür / der Tür, the meaning changes based on its gender, but my question is: If a noun which only has a plural form is called Pluralia Tantum, is there a name for the nouns whivh can have two or even all three genders?

May 6, 2017



While some words do have different meanings based on gender, such as die Leiter = the ladder and der Leiter = the leader, your example of Tür is not like that.

die Tür = the door

If you see der Tür, it's because you're seeing Tür in the dative or genitive case.


Nacht Der Untoten


Wave 43 I am still alive fighting for my life, with female and male zombies after me. Yes I said female and male because that's all there is.

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