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Swahili negative conditional

The English section is simply full of grammatical mistakes. There are some in other topics, too, but not in such a density. E.g. "he do not...," "if we will..." In other sections ugali translated as ugali to English is accepted, here only "stiff porridge" is accepted.... And so on and on. So annoying. Or in an other section (habitual): the answer "Emilian runs every morning" is wrong, the system accepts only "Every morning Emilian runs" which is fairly nice in a poem but not in colloquial context.

For God's sake.

May 6, 2017



Well it is still in beta, so it is going to have rough edges. Maybe it was rushed a little, it feels like it could have benefited from some comprehensive proofreading of the English translations by a native English speaker. I've enjoyed going through the first few levels to get the taste of the language, and the grammar notes are very helpful, but I am basically putting my effort to learn it on hold for a while, until the audio arrives and the translations get a bit more polished. In the meantime, thanks to the team for their work so far, and wishing them good luck in taking it to the post-beta level.


Yes, the efforts and the work itself is highly appreciated, and despite the quite abundant mistakes it is still one of the best online [Swahili] courses, actually the best, i have tried so far. So respect goes where it's due. These "rough edges" can (and must) be finely polished and finished, that's why we, barefooted learners try to give feedbacks for the developers to help them with focusing their efforts on the most rough spots.


Yes, this is definitely a problem. Everyone far into the Swahili tree has been experiencing this. Keep in mind there are simply 3 contributors, less then most courses. These people are also very busy. For now, it is best to report every mistake you see and to hang in there because it will eventually be out of beta! :)


Appreciated :-D


Apparently now only two contributors ...

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