iOS app different than Android

I recently transferred from Android to iOS, and installed the app. I noticed that there's no Combo bonus, which makes it far less enjoyable for me to solve challenged and harder to reach the daily goal. Not to mention that my exp rates have dropped dramatically.

Why is this? Do iOS users not deserve the same opportunities as Android users do? I really dislike this a lot, and in the last 2 weeks since I had an iPhone, I got 20exp per week, and weeks before that were 200-300 exp per week.

Of course, you could argue that I'm just lazy, and you wouldn't be wrong, but so far I have learned 1500+ words in Spanish and have a total of 5.5k of exp in it, which is not too shabby. Have been learning for a couple of months at least.

Can you please fix this so the iOS provides bonuses SAME as Android?


May 6, 2017


The website and the two apps are quite different at the moment. Different teams build the different systems. Luis has recently said that they're aiming to standardise the feature set across the three different platforms:

I'd guess the site re-write that's going on at the moment will help with that process.

May 6, 2017

It's probably an AB test if Android use time is higher than iPhone then it will go system wide. Note this is my guess I'm not in a position to know

May 6, 2017
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