"Megan sy biau'r gath!"

Translation:Megan owns the cat!

May 6, 2017

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Or that's what she thinks :D


Got marked wrong for "The cat's Megan's"


i got marked wrong for "It's Megan's cat"


The verb piau/biau specifically means 'owns'. It is a very irregular verb, nowadays only used in a particular pattern - it is preceded by the owner, and followed by the thing owned. (The sy is often used in the colloquial language, but it is not really needed):

  • Fi (sy) biau'r car - 'I own the car' (or 'it's me who owns the car' if you want to be more emphatic in the English)
  • Megan (sy) biau'r gath - 'Megan owns the cat' or 'It is Megan who owns the cat'

To say 'It's Megan's cat' we would say, perhaps, Cath Megan yw hi.


diolch yn fawr for explaining ibisc

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