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  5. "Non ho una guida."

"Non ho una guida."

Translation:I do not have a guide.

March 18, 2014



(American English speaker) Does it also mean guidebook?


Yes it can be both a tour guide and book. You can be more specific with 'guida turistica' which I always thought was a person but now I think that can also be a book. Anyone...?


Yes, you're correct: a "guida turistica" can both mean "the person who guides you in a museum etc." or a "guidebook". "Guida" alone can mean "guidebook", "tourguide" or just "way of driving". For example: "la tua guida รจ fantastica" can mean "you drive in a wonderful way" if you say it to the person driving the car, or it can also mean "your tourguide is exeptional" if you tell that to the director of the museum you've just visited. I hope I've been clear enough and I haven't made too many mistakes!


Totally clear and flawless. Thank you!


"I haven't got a guide" is WRONG!? - I deliberately included 'got' as I know Duolingo doesn't like sentences such as 'I do not have a guide'... Inconsistencies such as this are infuriating!


Hope you reported it. Not sure they follow the discussions


Totally agree with Towmaster 3 months ago. I used the word "got" as previously I have been supposedly wrong for not using it. This time I am wrong for using it. About time Duolingo ironed out these inconsistencies.


Comnent for DL. If do not is correct then I don't have a guide is also correct. Annoying but hey its free


I agree with both towmaster and popemaria.


I have no a guide, why not?


'I have no guide' or 'I do not have A guide'.

Don't mix em up...;)


Why must we be tested on the word for "guide" so often??!!

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