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Including articles with word list

I am learning German with your app and love it! I think the pace, the vocabulary and the exercises are great and look forward to hopefully finishing German, and starting Spanish at some point.

One comment that I would like to make is that it would be really nice to see the article (der, die, das) included with the words more. I am getting into accusative, dative etc and realize that whether a word is neutral, masculine or feminine makes a difference as to what form of the word you use (eg. ein versus eine, or einen vs einer). The only time you see this in Duolingo is when a word is first introduced with a picture, and in early phrases (eg. Der mann trinkt tee). It might be hard to incorporate it every time the word is shown individually within the app, however, is it possible to include this with the word list that we can access from the web site? This would be a good refresher if someone, like me, is struggling to remember all of the language rules.

May 6, 2017



I agree that that would be very helpful. My native language has gendered nouns (German) and almost every language I've ever learned (except for English) has gendered nouns. The idea of learning nouns without their article is completely foreign to me. The gender is an integral part of the noun and if you don't know the gender of a noun, you don't really know the noun yet.


I agree, too. People say, "Just learn the article along with the noun", but often when you encounter a noun for the first few times, it's not clear what the gender is, so you have to look up each word in a dictionary before you can put it in a simple sentence.

For instance, I was sure that "the air" was "der Luft", because in a Rammstein song I hear, "....in der Luft". Well, it turns out that "Luft" is feminine, and it was only "der Luft" because of the grammatical rules that make a feminine noun use the article "der" in the dative case. I barely understand any of that stuff at this point, but it would be a whole lot easier to study vocabulary and practice sentences if Duolingo put those articles in the word list.

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